Physical Education

The goal of The Parke House Academy Physical Education program is to instill in students a love for physical activity and an understanding of the importance of developing life-long physical fitness skills. Physical Education classes are held by grade level, and non-competitive games, as well as competitive sports and sportsmanship in our 4,500 square foot state of the art gymnasium. Our program provides learning experiences that contribute to the psychomotor, cognitive, and effective development of each student.

Physical Education also gives students knowledge and skills to make the most of their physical and mental abilities. It gives them the building blocks necessary for good health. Furthermore, students learn to assess their own physical fitness and maintain healthy levels of activity. New skills are taught to improve performance while gaining the self discipline to take part in individual and group activities. Students who participate in physical education on a regular basis learn the benefits of the teamwork and value it contributes to a healthy lifestyle. 

Foreign Language

At The Parke House Academy all students participate in the study of Spanish language, consisting of vocabulary and cultural studies. The curriculum is adapted to fit the developmental needs of the age of the child. The younger children learn basic vocabulary while the older students build upon prior knowledge and begin conversational Spanish. 

The language is taught through songs, games, manipulatives, projects and repetition. Students also enjoy cultural experiences such as making traditional foods, learning native dances, and creating artwork in the style of a specific country or artist. Geography and history are also part of our curriculum.

The study of a foreign language is extremely beneficial to a child's intellectual growth. We strongly believe that the knowledge acquired while studying another culture will encourage our students to learn more about the world. Not only are they learning another language, they are also learning about diversity and acceptance.


Library and Media

Our comprehensive libraries assist in inspiring the love of reading that is so common with our student body. Students enjoy guided language instruction and various age appropriate reading programs and materials. Our vast selection of books and resources provide many opportunities for each student to explore literature. 

Etiquette and Character Development

Our etiquette program is run by Dannie Fowler, founder of The Etiquette School of Florida. Students learn the social manners and proper etiquette that they are expected to use in society. Our Character Development program teaches students on how to solve conflicts that can be encountered in the real world.

Thinking Out of the Box

The Parke House Academy's "Thinking Out of The Box" program has been a huge success since its inception in 2011. This enrichment program allows Upper Division students from Second through Fifth Grade the opportunity to partake in a variety of special elective courses each quarter. Each lab is individually designed and written by PHA teachers based on their unique talents and interest beyond the core curriculum. TOB labs meet three days per week and, so far, this year's TOB program has provided students with a plethora of diverse experiences.

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