The Parke House Academy was founded in 1996 with the vision of creating a structured educational setting that provides students with a loving, nurturing, and challenging environment, which supports the foundation of learning for their future.

Academic Focus

The Parke House Academy values the structured learning approach. We boost high levels of student achievement by providing a curriculum that exhibits elevated academic standards grounded in a strong foundation of reading, writing and mathematics. Children’s stages of growth and development are considered when planning our integrated learning program. Application to real world problems is consistent throughout our themes and units of study.


Our curriculum has been developed based on extensive past and present research about how children learn, resulting in a balanced program of instruction presented at an accelerated pace. It is our belief the quality and character of a school’s curriculum are essential to the eventual realization of a child’s capacity for learning.


The environment at The Parke House Academy is conducive to effective teaching and learning, due to our low student teacher ratio, dedicated teachers, and a very progressive curriculum. We believe, through our resolve to maintain low pupil-teacher ratios, we can provide more one-on-one activities, personalized curriculum, and most importantly, greater academic achievement focused on quality work.

Our Day

Students work in a setting that is small, structured, and loving. Good manners and proper etiquette are required. The Parke House Academy administration and faculty believe in emphasizing acceptance of personal responsibility. Continual efforts are placed on developing and maintaining a healthy sense of positive self-worth. We are committed to challenging each student intellectually, emotionally and physically. Each classroom is cheerful, inviting, and filled with developmentally appropriate materials. Classrooms are arranged to accommodate the individual, as well as cooperative learning experiences. Students engage in learning sessions with the teacher, small and large group instruction and learning centers. Throughout the day, students rotate to the library, computer lab, music, art, physical education, Spanish and etiquette for opportunities in specialized learning.

In Summary

We welcome you to come tour our school and experience our unique academic environment. Our dedication is to you and your child.